MRC Magnetic Suspension TESLA MODEL 3/Y
129,000 ฿

Model 3 ,

Model Y ,

Model 3 Highland

Magnetic Suspension, same technology as supercar


MRC Magnetic Suspension for Tesla

Introducing the newest suspension for Tesla that we've tested and found to be really soft.

Tesla is known for being a luxury car in the style of an EV car. But did you know that the suspension of a Tesla car is harsh and does not follow the character of the car that it should be?

MRC Magnetic Suspension is a suspension shock that is the answer for Tesla because the Magnetic Suspension shock is a shock that has the same technology as many supercars such as Cadillac and Lamborghini.

Inside the shock absorber consists of a magnet and liquid, which makes the shock response. If driving at normal speed It will be very soft, not hard. and in high speed The shock will respond more firmly. But still maintaining the softness of the car

The suspension helps keep the car's symptoms as balanced as possible. Normally, starting/braking There must be a front part of the car. Or the back of the car is hanging down. or rough road This shock will especially help with this. It will always maintain the balance of the car. No matter what situation you are in. Try it, it's really soft, really good.

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